Into the Mists

Session 1: Beginnings

Everyone gets transported within Barovia, with the exception of Ariel, who gets transported from without Barovia. Whoops.

They rock up to Barovia village and intercept Isaak Kolyanovich and Irina Kolyevna having an argument about whether Isaak was going to leave his wife and kids to escort Irina out of Barovia village. (spoiler: he was not.) The PCs are hired to escort Irina to Valliki, a nearby-ish city where she has friends in the burgomeister's family.

Everyone gets their future read, because that's how Barovia rolls. They are informed of the following:

<meta>Knowledge of the past will help you better understand your enemy. I see a sleeping prince, a servant of the light and the mirror of darkness. Knowledge lies with him.

There is a powerful force of good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope. Bearing it will aid in your fight. I see a fallen house guarded by a great stone dragon. Look to the highest peak.

I see power and strength and vengeance, in a weapon of sunlight. Look to the west. Find a pool blessed by the light of the white sun.

I see one who will help you bring light to the darkness. Search for a troubled young man surrounded by wealth and madness.

The PCs head off to Vallaki, where they find a creepy, creepy town where everyone has to be happy by order of Lord Vallaki, the burgomeister has been executed by Lord Vallaki, Lady Vallaki has random people over for tea parties, and there are a bunch of wolf heads on spikes around the town. This is not a good.

They discover that Lord and Lady Vallaki are keeping their son Victor locked in the attic and he has been doing some sort of magic, and that Victoriya, their daughter, is one of the actual sane people in the family. Victoriya arranges for the party to free Victor, lock Lord Vallaki up, and have Lady Vallaki given all the tea parties she likes, and basically takes over ruling Vallaki, because she's really the only one who can. They figure out that Victor is the "troubled young man" referred to by the prophecy and offer to take him with them; given the chance to leave Vallaki, he accepts.

He's also a warlock, whoops.

The party leaves Vallaki, heading towards Zeidenberg on the Western Road.



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